Minaz Tekstil


Minaz Tekstil is a high quality clothing manufacturer and well equipped to source almost any fabric and produce any design, in any size, of any quantity (small or large) of garments precisely matching to your custom design details.

The scope of clothing manufacturing is very wide and carries 30+ years of experience and backed by a dynamic team of long standing skilled employees! 

Sourcing of Fabrics

We can help our clients with establishing relationships with Turkish and international fabric suppliers and guide them through the purchase phase.

Pattern Grading

For grading, you need to provide the basic measurement of your design for just one size and rest we do which also attested by the size set samples at the time of production.

Sewing / Stitching

This section of the production chain receives cut parts of the fabric from the cutting department and enters different lines of sewing machinery. Our experienced sewing machine employees ensure for high quality craftsmanship.

Sourcing of Trims

Trims could be threads, buttons, lining, beads, zippers, motifs, patches etc. We as your potential private label clothing manufacturer we have the capability to source all kinds of trims for you.

Sampling / Prototyping

With our craftsmanship, we ensure our customers a great quality of sampling. The pattern specialist and our experienced employees helps us with answering our clients requests regarding sampling and all pattern requirements.

Finishing and Quality Check

Providing a certain quality standards is assessed at different stages during production. The garments are cleaned, ironed and quality checked after the sewing process. The diligence and special attention we show guarantees our high quality standards.

Pattern Making

Regardless of the style details, we bring the concept into reality. We are well versed with both digital as well as manual patterns.

Fabric Cutting

The cutting department ensures that the fabric is ready in parts for sewing according to the patterns. Accurate cutting is a crucial part of production and for the quality of the end product.

Packing and Dispatch

The packaging and labeling are tailor made depending on our customers requests. We adjust our packaging department according to the shipment procedure.