Minaz Tekstil

About Us

Minaz Textile, based in Antalya Free Zone, is an experienced ready to wear textile manufacturer. 

In 1994, Mehmet Dede Türkkan, the founder, was the pioneer of a whole movement of European textile manufacturers that began their operations in Antalya Free Zone.

Throughout the years, Minaz Textile became a fully integrated textile manufacturer with highly experienced employees and a production facility area of 2000 square meters providing proven excellence in craftsmanship.



Reliable Production Partner

Each product we craft has more than 30 years of experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality behind it. Over the years, Minaz Tekstil has been evolving continuously with our mission to be the most aspired high quality clothing manufacturer for our clients across the globe and our commitments towards delivering nothing but the quality has made us the one you will enjoy working with.


Minaz Tekstil aims to build a long lasting relationship with our overseas clients by earning the trust and meet their needs in the best way possible by adhering to principles of high quality, expectations and efficiency.


To be more than just a garment manufacturing factory. Our Vision is to be an internationally well-known trustworthy solution partner in the ready-to-wear garment industry.

Core Values

The following are our esteemed values: Exceed Customer Expectations, Strive for excellence, Teamwork, Trust, Innovative, Sustainable, Deliver Value-Added Solutions and Strong Work Ethic

Antalya FRee TRade Zone

Free trade zones are special sites that, although located within the political borders of a country, are legally considered to be outside of its customs area. Goods that enter the borders of a free trade zone in a given country are outside of this country’s customs borders and are not subject to its financial and economic regulations, see below for benefits and exemptions.


Since free zones are legally outside the customs borders of Turkey, custom related taxes and regulations are not applicable to goods entering the zones (Value-Added Tax (VAT), customs duties, Resource Utilization Support Fund tax (RUSF, normally 6%).

Cost Benefit

Companies can decrease their costs by keeping their stocks in a tax-free environment and/or basing their re-exports, transit trade, packaging, labeling and other similar operations within free trade zones.